I’m going straight to hell for saying this…


…but don’t Jussi and Anna-Lisa Björling bear a slight resemblance to characters from a Botero painting in this video?

What a sweet little clip though. The two of them have such an endearing, unpretentious air to them. If they were alive today they could totally kick Alagna and Gheorghiu’s pompous asses. Except they would be too nice to do that, so they would just invite Alagna and Georghiu over for dill and new potatoes and cowberry jam, and then give them a subtle talking-to about how to and how not to behave at an opera house.

I used to be a hardcore Jussi Björling-fan when I was younger, but I’ve sort of forgotten about him since, and that’s a shame really, because he was an amazing tenor. His range was incredible, and he had such a fresh, soft sound that made him perfect for operatic tenor parts, a lot of which present a pure-of-heart, heroic character. I’ve yet to encounter a tenor who has a similar sound, but perhaps I haven’t looked closely enough. Does anyone have any suggestions? 



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“And it burns, burns, burns, the ring of fire…

ring burning

…the ring of fire.”

Yes, this post is absolutely without a point. I apologize. I accidentally cut my hand pretty badly on a kitchen knife today, and as a result lost a lot of blood and am slightly lightheaded. But still, wouldn’t it be totally cool if someone produced a Ring Cycle that was a combination of Wagner’s music and that of Johnny Cash? With Siegfried singing “The ring of fire” upon retrieving Brünnhilde from her firery prison? The lyrics fit perfectly!

And then Siegfried could go on to singing “Firery Prison Blues” featuring the lyrics “I killed a dragon in Niedhohl/just to watch him die”. And then he could deliver a moving performance of “It ain’t me, babe” to Brünnhilde when she tries to win him back at his and Gutrune’s wedding!!!

Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Wouldn’t it?


Oh, you people are no fun.


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