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Yesterday’s issue of Danish newspaper Politiken mentions this blog favourably. We are both stylish and broadminded according to Mr Thomas Michelsen. And thank you very much for that – we are suckers for praise and feel very honoured!

But as you might have noticed we are not really blogging here anymore. Marie is blogging here, and I am blogging here. Since last time we have both been employed by the Royal Danish Opera so no more reviewing of their opera performances (as they are now our colleagues). But there is so much more to write about! So please pay us a visit in our new virtual living rooms or enjoy our good old posts here at The Confidential Attachées.



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Sorry for the silence… the Confidential Attachées have gone completely confidential for the summer. I can’t promise autumn will change that since it takes two to tango, but I didn’t want just to fade out without a word. Enjoy your summer!

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Bad Night

When police and young people fight all over the city all day and all night one begins to wonder is this my city?

Photo: Jonathan Bjerg Møller.

Or this?

The day after
Photo: Jens Nørgaard Larsen.

Need an explanation? Look here.

And here is BBC’s coverage of the riots.

I want a ‘Bach is my homeboy’-shirt too.


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My Hero!

Talk of the devil… Today’s newspaper tells me that Jesper Christensen has turned down an order of chivalry from the Queen. He says that having a monarchy is “completely out of touch with a modern philosphy of man”. Well said, Jesper!

Of course he’s right. A loud ‘sju jætter?!’ is ringing in my ears when I think about it. A monarchy? In a modern state? How is that possible?

And Jesper Christensen? He’s even more my hero now. I didn’t think that was possible.


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Holy Smoke!

These are the cousins Jesper Langballe and Søren Krarup.
They are both clergymen and members of parliament for the right-wing extremist Dansk Folkeparti. They are everything un-pie. Bad people.
But tonight I saw a dim light through the vapours of intolerance these men emit.
They have threatened to leave parliament if a new bill is passed! This bill would prohibit smoking in all public places of work. And since the cousins are smokers, and since they perform their duties in a public place of work they would not be able to smoke all day, lest they leave the building. They find this unacceptable.
I was already for this type of law. Now I am certain it is the best for the State of Denmark.

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Don Giorgio

A very dear friend promised to send me a piece of man by post since Denmark has been emptied of what Marie and I call manly men. Or at least we cannot find them – are they hibernating already in October?
Well, I requested a real man and my friend sent me this:
Georg Gänswein
His name is Georg Gänswein (not kidding) and my friend and large parts of the Italian population seems to think he is HOT. That’s why they call him Don Giorgio. Look he’s sporty too:
Gänswein tennis

Now you might say that he’s a bit on the elderly side for a girl of 27…but that is the least of my problems with Giorgio. You see he’s already intimate with some one else:
Pope and Gänswein

So I’ll just continue looking…
Thank you pal! *slightly bitter*

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Best Friends

Just found this. It shows to the left Danish Minister of Culture Brian Mikkelsen and to the right director Lars von Trier.
Trier & Mikkelsen

Brian is the favourite nemesis of Danish cultural life. He prefers everything to be in neat boxes. So he has launched a project called “The Cultural Canon” which in its essence is a collection of top tens of different cultural areas. Like this we will always know what to read and what to watch and what to listen to and we wont have to think ourselves.
Even the minister’s name is a thorn in the side since only stupid people who have never heard about anything remotely connected with art are called Brian. That is a fact. All Danes know this.
And Lars von Trier? Well, he looks like he’s going to puke.
/anna & marie

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About The Confidential Attachées – at last

We have finally pulled ourselves together and written our biographies. So have a look at the “About The Confidential Attachées” in the column to the right.
/anna and marie

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Back in school

Je suis
Tu es
Elle est
Nous sommes
Vous êtes
Ils sont

Tu as
Elle a
Nous avons
Vous avez
Ils ont

Je vais
Tu vas
Elle va
Nous allons
Vous allez
Ils vont

Ok, basta, basta! I’m trying to learn French here. Am I doing well? I think not. But I’m still very proud that I got to begin on the second level without ever having studied French. I’m so proud I wrote it on my blog.

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Sometimes when I go to a concert I daydream about the performers…if they are handsome and/or cute. Tonight I went to a concert with the pianist Alfred Brendel who is 75 years old, looks very nice and grandfatherly and has been looking like he were 80 for the past 40 years. I was on the very first row in the middle looking at Mr Brendel’s socks. Nice socks…wonderful music…but anyways…I went there with my grandmother who actually started combing her hair in one of the short breaks between two pieces. Conclusion: Daydreaming never stops.

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